thumb-quikbrite You've got the light you need, whenever you need it, automatically!

Now you don't have to rummage around in dark drawers or closets anymore, thanks to Quik Brites.™ Quik Brites™ are the super bright mini lights that install in seconds. No nails, screws or bolts are needed to install Quik Brites.™ Just peel and place. Quik Brites™ are perfect anywhere there is a drawer, door or cabinet. Quik Brites™ go on when you open and off when you close. Use Quik Brites™ for in-cabinet and under cabinet lighting, entry and basement lighting, even place inside a dark tool box! As an added bonus the Quik Brites™ kit includes 2 bonus SwivelSpot lights. SwivelSpots are the tap on lights that go from mini floodlight to mini spot light instantly and swivel 360 degrees.